Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cognoscente ~ says the antonym for artist is scientist ~ I beg to differ

Pronunciation: /ˌkɑɡ.nəˈʃɛn.ti/

Function: noun

Etymology: Latin - to know
Date: 1776
1. A person with superior, usually specialized knowledge or highly refined taste 

Dr. Elizabeth Munro will perform my surgery. 

An actor performs. So does a magician. The musician performs, as well as the gymnast.  My surgeon will perform.  Artist, scientist, specialist, cognoscente. 

Based on the current tests surgery should be a relatively simple procedure.  (Everything is relative when dealing with cancer.) Mind you, I get five small incisions in a "crescent shape" across my abdomen. Cameras and tools, once inserted, will probe and cut and give eyes to the surgeon.  Various parts of my anatomy will be removed, but with the expectation that surgery alone will be curative.

While I am blissfully under anesthesia, a pathologist will examine the recently exited uterus and ovaries to determine the spread of cancer. Together the team decides whether to remove lymph nodes and/or perform a traditional abdominal surgery.  That decision is made and performed immediately if necessary (consent signed and witnessed today). I will find out when I wake up.

Either way I am up and walking ASAP and home as soon as the next day.

Based on the biopsy, the endometriod adenocarcinoma is currently grade 1. (Grade is type of cells.) The "best" grade... (Again, everything is relative.) The full pathology of said removed parts, determines the true grade and then the staging (extent of spread). Staging determines treatment, if any, post surgery (radiation and/or chemotherapy or nothing).

First two weeks I get to walk, a lot.  Then I see the surgeon again.  Somewhere around week three I get to walk (or  climb stairs) enough to sweat! No lifting until I am cleared around week six.  Dr. Munro says by then I may be at 80% normal (relatively speaking) but it will be a couple of months to be a 100%. That's if I get to skip radiation and chemo.

I do not yet have a date for surgery.  It could be as soon as Thursday, June 27th or skipping the 4th of July (Dr. Munro only does surgeries on Thursdays) July 11th.

Before the surgery date I am required to have an office visit with the anathesiologist and have standard blood work completed.

All in all, I am very confident in my medical team. They will heal me.

I still have my moments.  I am learning to ask for help. This team... the 7:00 am text answering friends, the feed me dinner friends, the listen to my babble calls with my kids, the coffee and baby fix rescuers, the prayer warriors, the kind words and thoughts senders, the partner in crime and exams...this team is what sustains me.

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